3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Romance During Moon Gemini, March 8-10, 2022


There is a secret about life and love, and that is that both are meant to be full of fun and adventure, so when the Moon enters the zodiac sign of curious Gemini from the 8th to the 10th March 2022, a few zodiac signs get curious at once.

It wouldn’t be so far-fetched to want a little adventure in your life, especially when you share that life with a loved one, a romantic partner.

Life needs its spice, after all, and while we might think of each other as a “great couple,” a lot of what constitutes a couple revolves around the memories you create.

And memories are created through experience. During the Moon in Gemini, our desire to be adventurous, in love and in life, is activated; we want more…not because we’re unhappy with what we have, but because life is simply more interesting when we plan adventures.

Sometimes when the word “adventure” comes up in the context of love and relationship, we automatically jump to the idea of ​​opening up the relationship, or doing something kinky, or… being honest for the first time about something.

This is not necessarily the kind of adventure that Moon in Gemini encourages in us. This transit wants to make it an adventure, and it involves thinking and fantasizing about what an adventure would be like if both parties decided on something to do.

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