ADV stands for adventure with new specialty apparel for gravel, bike packing and more.

ADV stands for adventure with new specialty apparel for gravel, bike packing and more.

Clothing for adventure cycling should have lots of options. Some prefer the performance and fit of lycra shorts, while others want something with a looser fit. Specialized’s new ADV line offers a bit of both, with a few different options, all designed for your next big adventure.

Specialized ADV Adventure cycling clothing


Think of the ADV clothing line as a casual spin on the Specialized SWAT integrated storage concept. Even with the casual look, there’s plenty of performance built in, with everything building on the ADV SWAT bibs.

SWAT bib pockets

These can be worn as undershorts or as a standalone bib. Most importantly, they feature all the comfort and carry pockets that have made SWAT bibs past some of our favorites. Like the entire ADV line, these are available for both men and women, the ADV SWAT bibs retail for $180.


• Soft mesh bib top provides a comfortable grip and keeps your gear secure with three patented hanging SWAT pockets.

• Large soft mesh side leg pockets provide ample space to carry cargo.

• Silicone-infused fabric cuff provides a soft, secure fit on the legs to ensure an offset-free fit.

• Fabric Content: MAIN: 68% nylon, 32% elastane knit; UPPER: 77% nylon, 23% elastane knit

ADV Clothing gravel bikes with handlebar bag

Outdoor shorts

Don’t like the bib with a loose shirt look? You can choose one of two different outer shorts to slip over. The ADV Shorts are the more relaxed option of the two with twill fabric and a classic button-and-zip fly, plus plenty of pockets for $120.

• Twill fabric has a casual look with a durable, technical edge.

• Two back pockets, two front pockets and a secure front pocket provide ample storage space.

• The cut falls above the knee and leaves enough space to run the pads.

• Fabric Content: MAIN: 50% Cotton, 42% Nylon, 8% Elastane; OTHER: 100% Polyester

The ADV Air shorts, on the other hand, still have a casual look but are more technical with a single back pocket and a front cinch buckle. We assume that due to construction, it will be the lighter of the two and sell for $90.

• Zipped back pocket keeps your essentials secure on your ride.

• Large rear loop allows you to carry your favorite jacket or vest with you without having to fill a pocket.

• Fabric composition: 94% nylon, 6% elastane

Clothes washing suit

Jersey options

This same split between ADV and ADV Air also applies to jerseys. Only this time you have a choice of three. The most interesting look is the ADV Garment Wash Jersey with its unique styling and $100 price tag.

ADV Air Jersey

The ADV Air jersey combines a casual style with a chest pocket and a more affordable price of $65.

• Zippered front chest pocket keeps your essentials secure on your body during your ride.

• Bottom hem adjustability for a secure fit.

• Fabric Content: MAIN: 13% Cotton, 5% Elastane, 82% Polyester; OTHER: 94% Nylon, 6% Elastane

ADV Jersey

Then there’s the ADV jersey which is a simple gravel jersey but with merino wool added to the mix and two rear zip pockets for $85.

• Unique jersey fit with no front zipper, perfect for transitioning from gravel to coffee.

• Two rear zippered pockets provide secure storage for small items. • Elastic at bottom hem keeps jersey snug.
• Fabric composition: 84% polyester, 11% wool, 5% elastane knit

Complete it with matching accessories, including cotton knee high socks for $18 and a matching Dri-release Garment Wash Merino neck warmer for $40.