Adventure Time Distant Lands Blu-ray Review: An Eternal Dream

Adventure Time Distant Lands Blu-ray Review: An Eternal Dream

Adventure Time: Distant Lands has finally been released on home video to savor the end of an era in delightful quality. Fans of the series can look forward to the Blu-ray and DVD releases of the series on March 8, but how do these home releases deliver some of the adventure time‘s most emotional moments? Extraordinarily well. Everything from BMO’s adventures before joining Finn and Jake to the reunion of the brothers benefits from the increased quality of these visuals.

Fans of the series are well aware that one of adventure timeThe biggest strengths of are in the storyboard and animation work. Every time the camera zooms out on one of the dreamscapes, you’re in for something spectacular. BMO’s first adventure mostly benefits from Full HD 1080p video. The verdant landscapes and alien frontier are peppered with small details, and the break from promotions became a regular occurrence during our review. distant lands.

Another key element not only of these specials, but of the series itself, is the sound design. Yes, there are some amazing musical moments, but also tons of care put into those sound effects and vocal performances. It would be easy to point to Obsidian as the input that best displays what DTS-HD Master Audio brings to the table. (For those wondering, “Woke Up” is as rowdy as ever while maintaining a scathing edge upon re-watching.) Bubbline’s fandom has been a constant since the show’s early days, and the creative team has sent PB and Marceline into the sunset in style.

For viewers who may not have a great internet connection, or whose online setup stability is murky at best, these Blu-ray releases offer a simple solution, though people with better speeds may not notice the differences so easily. There’s also the matter of special features, which aren’t there in the same force fans have seen on the big season releases in adventure timeairs on Cartoon Network. If you liked the creators giving their take on the jaw-dropping animation, then you’re going to be a little surprised. However, for these exclusions, the presence of a physical press release for that single title renders distant lands worth the detour. In the modern media landscape, having the ability to stream an entire series, including additional specials, can be hard to come by, which is doubly true for titles that premiere on streaming platforms that might never get physical output.

Really, city ​​of wizards was considered a bit of an odd duck due to the release order of these specials on HBO Max. (It was placed at the end after Still together, which seems like a clear final installment for this iteration of the franchise.) But, the young Peppermint Butler struggling with expectations as a mystery floats beneath the surface is very rewarding. An entry like this does something that all adventure time fans cherish: build the corners of this world apart from the explosive adventures of Finn and Jake. Cadebra is one of those winning inclusions that makes you wish the show was still on so you could check out the character after school is over.


Still together serves as a powerful conclusion to Finn and Jake’s story to rival the work done in “Come Along With Me”, the series finale. This one really does a great job of displaying all the little things that make adventure time so good. Little lapses in background detail, returning characters, deliciously weird line-readings from actors, and stunning animation combined with meditations on the purpose of life. It affects things that feel more like a natural extension of the two main characters than a fan service machine. (Although he does do a lot of the latter for good measure!)

While the new era of adventure time starts with Fiona and cake, this collection is a must-have to pair with the original series. It proposes important developments that bring the journey of all the major players to a halt. In the same breath, distant lands show what adventure time maybe with massive reach, inventive visuals, and more dynamite songs. If you’ve been with the show for the entire duration, it’s a no-brainer. Fans trying to enjoy quality animation will also find a lot to like here.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Distant Lands Adventure Time will be available for purchase on March 8.