Congratulations to the winner of our Ultimate Adventure Giveaway

Congratulations to the winner of our Ultimate Adventure Giveaway

The Ultimate Adventure Giveaway 2021 has ended and a winner has been selected! Thank you to everyone who participated. We would like to congratulate our winner, Kevin Clean of Oak Harbor, Washington. When he received the winner’s notification email, Kevin almost didn’t open it. He saw the subject line of the email on his phone as he left work and assumed it was just an announcement of “someone else” winning the prizes. Fortunately, curiosity got the better of him and he opened the email when he got home. “Are you kidding me? This can’t be for real,” Kevin recalled as he realized that “he” was actually the winner.

Kevin is a retired US Navy Master Chief Petty Officer who served for just over 29 years. He got his start on two wheels at the age of five on a “Lil Indian” mini bike and rode an 80cc Yamaha enduro throughout his teenage years. After a long hiatus from motorcycles, he picked up a Harley Fatboy in 2002. He rode cruisers for several years until the adventure bug hit him. After several years of dreaming about it, he finally bought a brand new R1200GS in 2018 which he continues to ride today. In the short term, Kevin would like to explore more of the Cascade Mountain Range near his home, but he dreams of one day hiking the European Alps and South America.

Kevin will be able to race the new BMW R1250GS during his all-inclusive off-road training weekend at Rawhyde Adventures. Just one of many sweet prizes awarded to the lucky winner!

As someone looking to improve his skills in the dirt, Kevin is excited to use all the prizes he’s won. “The REV’IT! Gore-Tex Dominator Costume will definitely help with riding in the wet Pacific Northwest. the Mosko Carefree 80L will help me when riding off-road in the Cascades so I don’t have to pack my hard bags if I put the bike down. the Mission Dunlop Trailmax The Adventure tires will also be great as I wanted to replace the stock tires on my BMW,” says Kevin. He also mentioned that he was happy to be able to save money on tire changes with the new Rabaconda and he can’t wait to try Shoei Hornet X2 dual sport helmet. Regarding the Cyclops auxiliary headlights, he plans to put them on his wife’s F750GS to improve her safety during their night excursions. But what excites him the most is Raw Hyde Training. “Since my wife got her BMW in 2019, she has wanted us both to attend RawHyde training. As a fairly thrifty man, I didn’t want to spend so much money, but now we can have two places for the price of one!

Congratulations to Kevin Proper for being our Ultimate Adventure Giveaway 2021 winner! We’re sure the prizes will provide for many amazing adventures and we can’t wait to hear more! We would also like to thank our sponsors RawHyde Adventures, REV’IT!, Mosko Moto, Cyclops Adventure Sports, Dunlop, Rabaconda and Shoei for contributing to the great prizes.

NOTE: For everyone who participated, keep an eye out for an exclusive offer in your email. And don’t worry, we’ll have another awesome freebie for you soon. So stay tuned, you could be the next lucky winner!

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