Cozy Mystery Towns to visit ‹ CrimeReads

Cozy Mystery Towns to visit ‹ CrimeReads

Brr. As I write this article, the wind is blowing outside my office window, leaving a dangerous trail of snowflakes and ice in its wake. With the inability to travel due to the pandemic and the sub-zero temperatures keeping many of us huddled indoors, I’ve decided the best way to escape is an armchair. stay. are you with me? Wheelchair travel is all about seeing the world, without going anywhere. And what better destination than the setting of a beloved mystery city? Cozy Mysteries is unique in that the author deliberately creates these community-based fictional worlds, usually set in a small town, that are utterly quaint and picture-perfect (minus the murder of course). Many of us would love to visit or even live there! The characters, too, become like long-lost friends – the kind we’d love to crash on the couches. So, should we go there?

Why struggle with covid tests, lost luggage, canceled flights, overbooked hotels and the chic wardrobe with uncomfortable shoes? Never mind the broken down rental car or the limited number of places in the restaurant. Why put so much stress on yourself? Instead, how about opting for a brand new pair of fleece pajamas, maybe a comfy lap blanket, a 20 oz. cup loaded with a cocoa bomb, and a really good book. Oh, and no worries about boarding the dog or cat, they can travel with you. They will either be settled comfortably on your lap, their noses in mystery, or right by your side.

Have I convinced you yet? Ready to join me?

I assume now that you are at least leaning on my idea. The only remaining question would be which mysterious and cozy city should we visit? Do not be afraid ! I did the research for us and compiled a list of cool places (pardon the winter pun) where we can fly. And by the way, all these books are a series of books, so you can visit them in several seasons. Choose wisely, depending on your mood. Do you want to escape the winter and visit in the summer, or do you live in a warm climate and want to feel the cold breeze and travel to a winter destination? Please secure all luggage in the overhead compartment, fasten your seat belt and yes, turn off the cell phone! We are almost ready for take off!

Our first stop is on the East Coast of the United States.


Beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts is known for its sand, waves and seafood. Long walks on a sunset beach and looking for quahogs, uh yeah please! Or how about a sail on the bay? We can meet Sam Barnes who inherits a house in Cape Town and lands a job as a restaurant review writer. It seems that spending time with her could be the perfect couple because she will introduce us to all the gastronomy! Let’s just say I’m sure we won’t leave hungry.

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Since we’re already on the east coast, let’s leave Cape Town and travel north to Lauren Elliot’s fictional town of Greyborne, Massachusetts. Nothing reminds me of vacation more than a New England beach town. Growing up in the East, maybe it’s the gravitational pull. But who wouldn’t want to visit Addie Greyborne, who lives at Greyborne Manor, on a hill overlooking the harbour? Not only that, but Addie owns and manages the “Beyond the Page—Books & Curios” bookstore. Bibliophile friends, take a book off the shelf and count on me!

Let’s stay on the east coast, and head to Maryland.


Some of us, while on vacation, love to discover great craft shops and places to indulge in our other hobbies as well. In the Riverbank Knitting series, we discover skeins of yarn in a quaint riverside town in Maryland called Collinstown. Stroll along the herringbone brick sidewalks of Main Street where we can linger and chat with quirky characters, who quickly become like old friends.


While traveling in the Midwest, it would be remiss not to visit the Lake Michigan coast. The Beacon Bakeshop series is set in the quaint lakeside village of Beacon Harbor, Michigan. But wait, there’s more… We meet Lindsey Bakewell, who owns and operates a bakery located at the end of the public beach in the renovated old lighthouse. Raclette! If you’re a foodie like me, this screams a dream vacation. Everything in its pages will have you craving mouth-watering desserts and Great Lakes summer breezes!

How about an international jog along our journey?


Let’s travel to that English picture book village in the Cotswolds where MC Beaton charmed the reader to return again and again. We will be transported to hills and English villages built with honey colored stones where we will meet Agatha Raisin in the village of Carsley. Agatha, who has left her successful public relations business, sells her London flat to retire early in the quiet village, but we find she is anything but placid. Agatha’s personality is colorful and wild, she’s sure to take us on one hell of a tour of southern England!

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I hope you enjoyed traveling with me. Until we see each other side by side on a plane, I’ll be curled up in my favorite chair. I’m sure you’ll find me, cup in hand, noses in a mystery, and relishing in my staycation chair.