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Digital Development Corporation Invites Social Media Marketing Experts to Participate in Upcoming NFT Series Designed by Heroic 101-Year-Old Veteran

Digital Development Corporation Invites Social Media Marketing Experts to Participate in Upcoming NFT Series Designed by Heroic 101-Year-Old Veteran

DENVER, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digital development company (DDC) announced today that it is welcoming social media partners to support the upcoming launch of its NFT, which features a collection of generative art titled “Peace 101” created in collaboration with 101 years Robert (Bob) McAdam, doctorate. He is a former WWII POW and Purple Heart recipient and the oldest known collaborative NFT artist in the world.

The US veteran’s collection is set to go on auction in April/May this year and is expected to appeal to a global audience. Images from the art series will be previewed during the “revelation”, shortly before the announced date of the auction.

The interest in the collectible digital NFT space is almost as incredible as Bob’s many accomplishments. Simply put, he has done it all and his list of accolades far exceeds what anyone could ever hope to accomplish in their lifetime. Excitement over the upcoming big reveal has already generated leads from parties looking to partner with DDC on the NFT series. The company is open to collaboration and eager to evaluate marketing partners who find Bob’s story compelling.

Born in Chicago in 1920, Bob McAdam is one of the few surviving veterans of World War II. Navigator during the war, his bomber is shot down over Austria. While parachuting from the plane, Bob broke his ribs falling through the trees and suffered internal bleeding. He was captured and forced into the Stalag Luft I Nazi POW camp in Barth, Germany until his discharge in 1945. Bob was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in enemy action. After his experiences during World War II, Bob earned his doctorate in physical education and was a professor of kinesiology.

From an early age, Bob showed himself to be an accomplished athlete. During his high school years, he played on the city’s championship baseball team and won boxing medals (a activity which he continued until his 90th birthday). In his 50s, Bob became a senior Olympic handball champion and also started playing racquetball. He went on to become a four-time senior world racquetball champion, and at the age of 85 was inducted into the International Masters Racquetball Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. At 96, in an unauthorized race, Bob broke the world record for the fastest 5K run in the 95+ age group. A year later, at the age of 97, in a sanctioned race, he again broke the world record to run faster 5K in the 95+ age group.

Bob’s POW experience in World War II and his desire for global unity make his NFT series “Peace 101“particularly powerful.


The “Peace 101“The Generative NFT Art Series Memorial Collection is a collaboration featuring hand-painted artwork by Robert McAdamPhD with many digital features and overlays generated by the Digital Development Corporation (DDC), which complements the art.

The “Peace 101” art collection features his hand-painted “101” in which he incorporated the peace sign. Photos of Bob creating this art, can be found at “Peace 101“.

Collaborating with Bob, but which will not be revealed visually until a few days before the strike, the Digital development company helped create art history by digitally enhancing his base image referenced in the art series. All coins in the series will feature barbed wire encircling the sign of peace, a bomber releasing doves, not bombs, and beams or rays signifying hope. The brightly colored ray graphics will change throughout the series, as will various icons that express his life experiences: parachuting from a crashing plane, war dog tags, combat boots, boxing gloves, representing his success in boxing, as well as running shoes to commemorate his two world records 5k short.

DDC is proud and honored to work with this WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient, to help spread the centennial call for peace. At 101, who better to teach this message than a former teacher Robert McAdamdoctorate?

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For more on the “Peace 101” collectible series, visit: Images from the art series will be previewed in a “revelation” shortly before the announced date of the auction, which will be preceded by a press announcement.

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