FFXIV Patch 6.1 New Adventure: Everything We Know So Far

FFXIV Patch 6.1 New Adventure: Everything We Know So Far

FFXIV’s biggest patch since the release of Endwalker, 6.1, will be released in mid-April. In three hours FFXIV Live LetterDirector Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Manager Toshio Murouchi have shared details of what’s new in Patch 6.1, dubbed the New Adventure.

This Live Letter did not have real-time Japanese to English translations, but most of the important information was shared in English in slides. Thanks very much Translations-and-liveletters from FFXIV Discord channel to share untranslated spoken pieces with the community. All quotes below have been translated by Discord users Miuna and lluna.

Lecture en cours: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker – Tout ce qu’il faut savoir

Nouvelles quêtes du scénario principal, 6.1

Nous avons eu une image d’accroche de WoL assis avec Tataru et Estinien nous tendant un document enroulé. Les images réelles du jeu seront montrées dans la prochaine Live Letter, qui sera avant la sortie du patch de la mi-avril.

Tataru nous regarde d’un air menaçant.
Estinien nous tend quelque chose.
Estinien nous tend quelque chose.

Nouvelles quêtes annexes, 6.1

La série Grand Endeavour de Tataru va commencer. Yoshida a commenté: “À la fin de la 6.0, nous avions tous ceux que le WoL avait sauvés et aidés tout au long de leurs aventures. Donc, cette série de quêtes secondaires se concentrera quelque peu sur leur montrer qu’ils sont reconnaissants de se présenter à la fin pour nous soutenir.”

Tataru nous regarde d'un air menaçant, partie 2.
Tataru nous regarde d’un air menaçant, partie 2.

Nouvelles quêtes tribales, 6.1

La tribu des bêtes d’Arkasodara sera ajoutée. Les joueurs doivent d’abord terminer les quêtes suivantes de Thavnair : Steppe Child et What’s in a Parent. Dans le patch 6.2, les quêtes Beast Tribe seront renommées en quêtes tribales.

Nouvelle tribu.
Nouvelle tribu.

Nouvelles aventures Hildibrand, 6.15

Plus d’informations seront révélées dans la prochaine Live Letter, mais d’après les images, il semble que nous nous rendrons à Lakeland avec Hildibrand. Les quêtes Hildibrand sont les préférées des fans en raison de leur nature ridiculement drôle, et la dernière extension de quête Hildibrand était destinée aux joueurs de niveau 70 de Stormblood. Shadowbringers n’incluait pas Hildibrand et ses manigances. “On nous a beaucoup demandé pendant les interviews 6.0, en particulier par les médias étrangers, ‘Quand Hildibrand reviendra-t-il'”, a déclaré Murouchi. Yoshida a ajouté : “J’ai l’impression qu’on m’a posé des questions sur [Hildibrand] at every opportunity.” In a fun tidbit, Yoshida said, “Hildibrand’s cutscenes are very heavy on our budget.”

Hildibrand does... what?
Hildibrand does… what?

New Omega Beyond the Rift, 6.1x

As for what the new story will be, Yoshida said, “Once you’ve completed the Omega Raid story and played through the Ultima Thule story from 6.0, we thought we could add a quest that clarifies the connections there a bit more.”

ARR MSQ Improvements, 6.1

As mentioned earlier, some quests in the main ARR storyline are getting a facelift.

  • Trust System for Main Scenario Tasks: “The four-player dungeons in Patch 2.0 will be clearable with NPCs, so you can do them solo,” Yoshida said. On whether we’ll see trust systems for larger group tasks, Yoshida commented, “Alliance Raids and eight-player content is too much to cover. We’ll be trying to get 8-player content to 7.0, but alliance raids will not be an event.”
  • Hakkue Manor – There’s a teleporter now! “In Haukke, once you’re done with the boss in the basement, it’s okay to use ‘return’, but how is a shoot supposed to know that…so we put a teleporter there” , Yoshida said.
  • Cape Westwind – From an eight-player task, this trial will now be a one-game instanced task.
  • Castrum Meridianum – This will also no longer be an eight-player duty. It will now be a four-player dungeon.
  • The courtroom – It will turn into three separate tasks. As soon as the Battle of Gaius begins, Prae will become a four-person dungeon. Battle of Ultima will be an eight-player trial and Final Battle of Lahabrea will be a single-player quest battle.
  • MSQ Duty Roulette will stay – “We were thinking of removing MSQ Roulette, but we’re keeping it, compared to other dungeons, they’re even longer,” Yoshida said. The reward will however be adjusted.
New trust system for ARR
New trust system for ARR

New Dungeon, 6.1

There will be a new dungeon, but the name is a secret for now. “If we tell you the name, it might already reveal too much, so we won’t give you the name of the dungeon,” Yoshida said.

New Trial Endsinger’s Aria, 6.1

This will be the extreme version of the Endsinger trial, so expect planets to be thrown at you on a more extreme and violent level.

New Alliance Raid Myths of the Realm 1, 6.1

In this new series of Alliance raids, “We will finally begin to ‘investigate’ the secrets of the Twelve Gods of Eorzea,” Yoshida said.

New Alliance Raid.
New Alliance Raid.

New cover of Ultimate Duty Dragonsong, 6.11

“Mr Ozma [FFXIV’s Battle Content Director Masaki Nakagawa] designed this fight,” Yoshida said. “I have already tested each phase on my own. It was scary. I think we start eight-person playtesting next week. I know there will be many progression streams, so hopefully everyone can enjoy this content in some way.”

Dragonsong cover
Dragonsong cover
Dragonsong cover
Dragonsong cover
Dragonsong cover
Dragonsong cover

New PVP Changes, 6.1

PVP is getting some tweaks: these include the small-scale Crystalline Conflict PVP mode, “improvements to PVP action and adrenaline rush actions for every job” and a new reward system PVP. The party will end with 6.1. The more concrete details will be shared in the next live letter.

New character profile with adventurer plates, 6.1

Previously called “Business Cards”, this feature feels like you can show off your character’s build and outfits. “I originally wanted to show you today what you can do with these features, but they all seemed unfinished,” Yoshida said. “You can have a gear set that you award a glam plate to and additionally you can award an adventurer plate. So your intro can be different for each job.”

New UI Endless System, 6.1

This new UI is like an encyclopedia of the FFXIV world. “[It’s] a glossary so you can keep track of the characters and terms that have been introduced in the story so far. New entries will be added as you progress further in the story. We won’t be in time to implement everything for this patch, but we’ll keep updating it,” Yoshida commented.

More Glamor Plates, 6.1

This was put in the miscellaneous category of the Live Letter, but I think it deserves a section of its own. Players have long bemoaned the limited number of plates, and it’s exciting to have five additional plates. Players will also be able to equip plates at each shrine now. “We’re trying to double the Glam Dresser from 400 slots to 800, but that will be in patch 6.2,” Yoshida said.

Below are some other new content added in Patch 6.1:

  • New Role Quests, 6.1
  • New Working Adjustments, 6.1
  • New Unreal Trial Ultima’s Bane, 6.1
  • New custom deliveries, 6.1
  • New housing in Ishgard, 6.1
  • Data Travel Center, 6.1
  • New hairstyles for Hrothgar and Viera
  • New game + additions, 6.1
  • Data Center Move Changes, 6.1
  • New Marketboard Improvements, 6.1
  • Mogstation Update, 6.1 – You can try on outfits now.

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