GlobalVetLink Announces Simplified Pet Travel in Hawaii

GlobalVetLink Announces Simplified Pet Travel in Hawaii

“Domestic and international travel document preparation services for traveling pet families are a $200 million business opportunity for veterinary practices,” said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of GlobalVetLink. “Our GVL Compliance Wizard enables any firm, large or small, to offer these services.”

The GVL Pet TravelPass for Hawaii is an extension of GlobalVetLink’s Compliance Assistant SaaS platform used by more than 10,000 veterinary practices for the creation and electronic submission of state and federal documentation required for companion, production, and compliance-focused practices. horses. The Compliance Assistant platform helps veterinarians and vet techs streamline documentation processes by eliminating the tedious manual preparation required to meet the myriad of regularly changing state, federal, and international regulations and guidelines.

“GlobalVetLink knows that every veterinarian wants to feel confident that they have the time to do what they do best, taking care of their clients,” said Stacey Noah, Director of Product Management for GlobalVetLink. “So far, many practices have been unable to meet the demands of families traveling domestically and internationally with their pets, including for Hawaii“, continued Noe. “If they choose to provide the services, it is usually at the expense of having less time for patients and overcoming the frustration and risk of interpreting complex regulations. Now, veterinary practices can offer the service using the GVL Compliance Assistant Pet TravelPass as a tool to reduce preparation time from hours to less than 10 minutes. »

The GVL Pet TravelPass for Hawaii use a simple, step-by-step question-and-answer format to collect basic information and automatically incorporate completed FAVN tests and rabies vaccination certificates to create a ready-to-submit package of travel documents accepted by the Hawaii Animal Industry Division for arrival at Honolulu, Hawaii. The workflow ensures that all entry requirements are met, completes required forms, and allows the completed package to be shared with the pet owner prior to travel. The GVL Pet TravelPass uses the same process to produce documents for over 45 international travel destinations. Interested in knowing more? Visit our website.

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