Hikers love the Outdoor Voices Rectrek Zip Pants

Hikers love the Outdoor Voices Rectrek Zip Pants

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With spring on the horizon, spending all day on the trails becomes less of a distant dream and more of an exciting reality. But, as many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts know, you need to be strategic with your gear, especially when it comes to your clothing. It should be versatile enough to help you adapt to changes in temperature, while being built with durable materials to protect you and navigate the terrain of a new or favorite trail quickly.

If your outerwear collection lacks such pieces, you’re in luck. Outdoor Voices fans sing the brand’s praises Rectrek Zip-off Pantsa pair of women’s convertible hiking pants that easily convert from pants to cropped pants and shorts with the pull of a zipper, ensuring you’re ready for any climate or event in the daily forecast .

When worn as pants, the Rectrek Zip-off Pants have an inseam of 29.75 inches. As capris they reach slightly above mid-calf and when unzipped into shorts they have a 3.75 inseam which is an ideal length for walking, climbing and exploring in comfort and confidence. Plus, the hiking pants are made with Outdoor Voices’ signature high-performance TerraStretch fabric to give them their durability, four-way stretch, and weather resistance.

Plus, they feature a high-waisted fit for comfy coverage, plus a snap closure and zip fly and detachable nylon waistband to keep them securely in place. Adjustable elastic cuffs at the leg openings make it easy to get on and off, while protecting you from rocks, splashing puddles and streams, and other protruding obstacles lurking on the trail.

Additionally, there are several pockets located in the pants to provide storage space on top of your hiking backpack or fanny pack. Wearers of shorts can take advantage of two traditional pockets below the waistband, while wearers of capris and pants will have access to the cargo-style pockets located at the leg level. There are also multiple mesh storage pockets to keep small, easy-to-lose essentials, including keys, cash and cards, safe.

They have received rave reviews from travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, with one buyer, who is new to the “zip pants world”, going so far as to say they have such a perfect fit, they make their “incredible” buttocks. Another Outdoor Voices customer said these were his “favorite functional pants”, sharing that he loved “being able to take a layer off in the summer and wear them as pants in the colder months. “. They added that the convertible pants are “a must-have.”

When describing their fit, one reviewer said the pants had “the perfect blend of stretch and support.” Several noted that they were “true to size”, with one shopper exclaiming that these were the first pair of hiking pants they had ever owned that fit their buttocks, thighs and their size. Others were happy to report that the convertible hiking pants “show no sweat” despite being lightweight.

One reviewer mentioned that the versatile pants are “perfect for day hikes or backpacking trips where the day starts cold and ends hot.” Regarding their zippered construction, one customer joked that their “party trick” shows people how quickly they can unzip and zip up their pants.” Fans of cold-weather exploration said that they loved layering thermal leggings underneath to increase the warmth of convertible bottoms.

Upgrade your hiking clothes with the Rectrek Zip-off Pants by Outdoor Voices. A word of advice, the brand’s pieces are known to sell out quickly — and some colors of the convertible pants are already sold out — so be sure to add them to your basket!