Hungary becomes 9th country to remove all entry requirements

Hungary becomes 9th country to remove all entry requirements

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Travelers will no longer be required to take tests or show proof of vaccination

Shortly after Ireland announced the removal of all its travel restrictions, Hungarian authorities took similar action. As of March 7, 2022 Hungary has lifted covid restrictions for travelersthus becoming the 9th country in the world to do so.

Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary

On Friday, the government published decree n°77 of 2022, removing the majority of covid mandates imposed during the pandemic starting this Monday. It was announced by Gergely Gulyás, the prime minister’s chief of staff, during the government briefing.

Now travelers —whatever their nationality— can enter the territory of Hungary by public road, air traffic, water or railway, presenting only the traditional documentation required before the pandemic (such as a passport for example), making entry like in 2019.

Crowd of people relaxing on green grass in Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian authorities will no longer require PCR or Antigen tests or proof of vaccination for tourists, and now the country’s borders have been reopened for neighboring countries and international travellers. This information has already been updated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as of March 8, 2022.

woman breathing air without a mask in Hungary

Wearing a mask has also been abolished and it is optional to wear a face covering in Hungary, but there are still some internal rules to consider. In the coming days, authorities will provide more details, and travelers interested in visiting this country should stay tuned.

What has changed in Hungary? Rules of procedure to summarize

woman traveling without mask using phone

Before March 7, travelers had to present a negative PCR test, and once in Hungarian territory, everyone had to wear masks on public transport, at all types of events, and in shops and malls. .

From now on, once arriving in Hungary, tourists will no longer be required to wear a mask or present proof of vaccination, but they will have to comply with internal rules. Here are the key considerations:

  • Masks are not mandatory in outdoor or indoor spaces such as public transport, shops, post offices, theaters, museums, cinemas, shopping centers, events (sports, cultural, musical or dancing) and stations. This also applies to ordinary people and employees.
  • Proof of vaccination will no longer be required to enter establishments or to work. Public administration employees will no longer need to be vaccinated.
  • Masks are mandatory in health services. Those in need of medical attention should wear a face covering.

The transport hub of Budapest (BKK) published a post on its official website reminding users that they will no longer need to wear a mask but asking them to follow some recommendations: “Please use the hand sanitizer placed near the entrance to the points of We recommend contactless payment with a debit card, as well as the possibility of using the BudapestGO app, which allows you to plan your trip, buy tickets or check the current traffic situation in a single interface.

Hungary’s tourist offer

Hungary now joins the list of countries that have removed travel restrictions—Ireland, Jordan, Iceland, Bahrain, El Salvador, Slovenia, Mexico and Norway— gain more tourism opportunities among other European countries.

The new executive order comes during the crisis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and after the U.S. government’s advice not to travel to European countries bordering Ukraine, partly as part of a strategy to reduce the impact and negative effects of these issues.

Without travel restrictions, Hungary hopes to attract more tourists, strengthen the tourism industry and stimulate the economy. This Eastern European country has a lot to offer: from traditional Hungarian events to picturesque towns, beautiful natural landscapes and stunning cities.

Foreign visitors can discover dynamic cities like Budapest, the country’s capital, also known as “the city of lights”. In Budapest, travelers can visit Buda Castle (Budavári Palota) – a UNESCO World Heritage Site -, discover their famous baths and visit the Gellért thermal baths where Jane Fonda and Ryan Gosling were guests.

There is also Events to come such as the World Stamp Exhibition, the Hans Zimmer European Tour and the Sziget Festival – one of Europe’s biggest music festivals – which visitors will now be able to enjoy without a mask.

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