Just a “couple” of adventurers looking to travel the world | Way of life

Just a "couple" of adventurers looking to travel the world |  Way of life

Spending some quality time in the great outdoors has certainly been a breath of fresh air for husband and wife duo Kimberley and Hakeem Atkinson. The traveling journey first began with spontaneous trips across the island. Before they knew it, they were taking flights and developing deeper feelings beyond international borders. Today, they use social media platforms to encourage others to join the adventure.

“We got married in January 2020 and, a couple [of] months later, the nationwide lockdown happened. So we were alone 24/7 and really enjoyed this “honeymoon” period. During this time, we made a lot of plans, one of which was to continue having new experiences outdoors. This lockdown really gave us a boost, so we made a commitment that now was the time to have some fun,” Kimberley said. the gleaner.

Both homebodies by nature, the global pandemic has taught them to take full advantage of life’s exciting opportunities, step out of comfort zones, try new things, and share new and fun experiences.

Not ones to subscribe to the label of travel vloggers, they just like to share the good times spent in good places, in the hope that it can inspire couples and other adventurers to explore the place on their own. “We just live authentically and explore organically,” the Atkinsons added.

After roaming the countryside and discovering favorite parishes like Portland, St Ann and Trelawny, the duo traveled to Panama and, more recently, the Dominican Republic, to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.


“We walked around every day, ate somewhere different every day, ate some of the best food ever, sat in cafes and people watched, cycled, visited museums , going to supermarkets and practicing our Spanish, barely,” she laughs. Waterfall lovers have gone off the beaten path in the province of San Cristobal, where they saw not one but two waterfalls and had the most incredible time.

The couple decided to video document their excursions on their YouTube channel Xo Xo, Kimmy with insights, history, candid conversations with each other and others, travel tips and, of course, excitement, while being themselves authentic. “I used to be nervous in public, but we have so much fun capturing the moments that if anyone is watching, I barely notice. I keep in mind that these are home videos that we share with other people,” Kimberley revealed.

Kimberley and Hakeem are big believers in traveling together because doing things together has strengthened their bond. As a team, they hope to keep their content fun and organic. They try not to limit themselves to just any vlogger. If that isn’t to your liking at any time, they just put the phones away and enjoy the moment. Whenever it becomes natural again, the phones can resume playing.

High on Kimberley’s to-do list is a visit to the European city of London, the Amalfi Coast, Paris, Rome, while her husband Hakeem says: “I would love to go to Switzerland, Iceland and certainly to Liverpool to watch Liverpool Football Club play at Anfield. So if you’re looking to travel, but aren’t sure if it’s for you, the Atkinsons say, ‘Go for it. Seek out exciting places together and get up and go. Don’t always get caught up in planning. Get a general idea of ​​what you’re doing and go with the flow.

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