Lost Ark Island Guide: Island Tokens, Rewards & Adventure Islands Explained

Lost Ark Island Guide: Island Tokens, Rewards & Adventure Islands Explained

Unlocking the ship and being able to explore the islands opens up a whole world of possibilities in Lost Ark. Suddenly, there are dozens of islands to discover, new continents to explore, and treasures to find. It can all be a bit overwhelming.

At first glance, much of the island-focused activity in Lost Ark might not seem that big a deal. That couldn’t be further from the truth – the islands of Lost Ark are a key part of the endgame experience. It is from the islands that you will be able to earn huge amounts of important resources needed to upgrade your equipment, accumulate various currencies that you will need to buy unique items and discover collectibles that can be exchanged for even more rewards. . Here’s what you need to know about the islands of Lost Ark.

Types of islands

While many islands are always available for exploration, others are only here for a limited time.

Not all islands are created equal in Lost Ark. Some are only accessible for a limited time, while others are always available to explore. Some may feature long lines of quests to complete, while others mainly focus on playing different mini-games. Overall, there are three types of islands in Lost Ark that you need to be aware of.

Adventure Islands

Each day, a set of three islands will be available at different times of the day. The islands available for that day can be found by checking Procyon’s compass (the compass icon below the minimap). The problem here is that you can only access one of these islands once per day, so choose accordingly. These islands can grant various rewards ranging from map packs, runes, different currencies, and island tokens, so they are worth seeking out when you have the time.

Time-Limited Islands

Similar to Adventure Islands, Limited Time Islands only appear for, well, a limited time, depending on the game’s schedule. They often appear multiple times per day and can be viewed more than once per day, unlike Adventure Islands. Islands. However, finding these islands is not always easy. Many can spawn in multiple locations, meaning you and your fellow players will need to spread out and search for their spawn location, which is denoted by a whirlwind that spawns 10 minutes before the island’s scheduled spawn time. Typing the name of the island using the world map search bar in the upper right corner will reveal all of the possible locations the island can spawn. These islands often revolve around players taking part in mini-game type events, but the rewards can definitely be worth it. You’ll want to check these as often as possible, as participating in these island events has a chance to reward you with the island token corresponding to that island.

Static Islands

Unlike Adventure Islands or Limited Time Islands, these islands are always available for players to explore and can be easily found using the in-game map. Many of these islands have quests that can be completed to earn various awards and collectibles.

Island tokens

You'll want to collect at least 20 Island Tokens for the Superior Skill Point Potion Reward.
You’ll want to collect at least 20 Island Tokens for the Superior Skill Point Potion Reward.

Collecting Island Tokens is one of the main reasons you’ll want to explore islands, complete their quests, and participate in limited-time island events. Island Tokens are one of the many collectibles in Lost Ark, and earning enough of them will allow you to redeem them for some nice rewards. One particularly noteworthy reward is a Greater Skill Point Potion, which grants all characters on your roster six extra skill points. Since more skill points equals more powerful skills, earning this potion is a must. It can be unlocked after acquiring 20 Island Tokens, which isn’t that difficult and a goal you’ll want to aim for as you progress through the Lost Ark endgame. Not all islands have an island token, but most do.

So how do you get island tokens? Sometimes it can be as simple as completing the quests for a particular island, but often it’s a bit more complicated than that. Many Island Tokens are rewarded in the form of random drops for participating in that particular Island’s event, which means that you will likely need to visit that Island and participate multiple times before you earn the Island Token. Other Island Tokens can be earned by exchanging them for large amounts of special currency or as higher level NPC report rewards. You can find how to get each island’s token in the Island Token section of the in-game collectibles menu.

Island Rewards: Upgrade Materials and Pirate Coins

Many island quests will reward you with Pirate Coins, which can be used to upgrade ships.
Many island quests will reward you with Pirate Coins, which can be used to upgrade ships.

Another key reason you’ll want to explore the various islands of Lost Ark, especially when just diving into the endgame, are all the rewards you’ll receive. There are a handful of islands, like Serenity Isle and Panda Isle, that reward a huge amount of Tier 1 materials, many of which you’ll need to upgrade the item level of your endgame gear set. Some islands that require higher item levels will even reward materials needed to upgrade level 2 gear. The icing on the cake is that many islands also reward large amounts of Pirate Coins, which can be used to buy various items like songs, collectibles and upgrade materials for your ships.

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