March 2022 Updates Regarding Early Admission to Islands of Adventure Park

March 2022 Updates Regarding Early Admission to Islands of Adventure Park

One of the best attractions in the Orlando area recently opened in the early hours of the theme park. So what are your best options for visiting the park at Islands of Adventure now that Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is open again for early park entry?

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Traffic patterns for early admission to the park have changed significantly since March 2n/a. The wildly popular Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure beckons guests with its siren song. This amazing attraction develops long queues most of the day. If you have early park entry, you should consider using it to ride this attraction with a shorter wait than later in the day. However, unless you are in the first group of people at Hogsmeade, you should always expect a wait.

Through several sources, I gathered wait time data for Islands of Adventure from March 2n/a until March 5and. I knew the 5th of Marchand would be a big day in terms of data. March 5and was a Saturday and should be busy. The Universal Orlando Resort was anticipating high crowd levels. They added Universal Studios Florida to the parks open for early admission to the park as a last-minute decision to help ease the crowds this weekend. Plus, the LL Cool J Mardi Gras concert (included with admission) adds to expected crowd levels for Saturday, March 5and. Also, always monitor the Universal Orlando app for changes to park hours and early park admission options. For the record, Universal Studios Florida showed a low level of crowds for the early entry time and the park’s first official opening time on Saturday, March 5.and.

if you arrive early enough, you can be the first at the turnstiles, making early entry to the park more advantageous

So what strategy should we use to launch Islands of Adventure now that the Hagrid attraction is back? Well, the easiest strategy is to arrive at least 45 minutes before the theme park entry time. You should expect the park to open earlier, but you can’t count on it. If you’re in the first group of people, race to Hogsmeade to ride the Hagrid attraction. If you can come up with nothing that needs to go in a locker, then you’ll have an added advantage.

The Hagrid attraction still suffers from reliability issues and vulnerability to weather. These factors could cause the attraction to still not open on time. Such are the difficulties of theme park visitors. If all goes well, you should then head to the Jurassic World Velocicoaster. If time permits, you can backtrack to the Forbidden Journey attraction during your early entry time. Another alternative option is to wait at the entrance to Marvel Super Hero Island for it to open for the official opening of the park to drop off these attractions. Personally, I would wait for the “rope-drop” of Marvel Super Hero Island since the wait time for the Forbidden Journey attraction has not been excessive in recent months.

Based on four days of data, the Hagrid attraction will have the shortest waits for early admission to the park. Actual waits (unposted waits) were 35 minutes or less on early park admission. After early park admission ended, actual waits averaged 60 minutes or more.

Saturday March 5and, actual waits were closer to 90 minutes on average. I could bore you with all the tedious data. However, I think this plan will work better with current procedures. However, if you don’t have early park entry privileges, I suggest you turn left as you enter the park loop so you can start at Marvel Super Hero Island. Your expectations for the Velocicoaster and Hagrid attraction will be similar most of the day when you arrive.

Hope this helps you on your day at Islands of Adventure. If you are really interested in more boring hard data, feel free to leave a comment. I will try to answer as soon as possible

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