Premiere of the “Travel Shoe”

Premiere of the "Travel Shoe"

Fashion market trends have undoubtedly fluctuated and shifted towards comfort and practicality, especially in footwear. And brands like uin Footwear focus on a niche segment – travel footwear – that reflects consumers’ distinctive lifestyles, wants and needs.

Hailing from the ancient hilltop city of Toledo, Spain, the brand is led by shoe designer Fernando Acevedo, who was inspired to design a pair of travel shoes after watching his wife Ana struggle to find shoes suitable for the travel in its important collection. As he began to think about designing a one-of-a-kind shoe made specifically for travel, Acevedo decided that artistry and a “strong Spanish style” would define the aesthetic.

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“Currently, the main shoe categories in the market are dress shoes and sports shoes, but as people’s lifestyles become more and more diverse after the pandemic, various scenes and settings are changing. when traveling in urban, seaside or fashionable environments, or even for everyday use,” he said – and uin Footwear’s travel shoe can be worn in multiple environments.

fashion and function

Acevedo explained that moving through ever-changing landscapes – the very essence of travel – creates the need for a single, multi-hyphenate shoe. “In these different scenarios, these two types of shoes alone can no longer meet different dressing and outfit-matching needs. On the other hand, the clothes are very diverse, which illustrates the different styles of buyers, but the shoe styles are generally monotonous.

That’s why uin Footwear tries to solve the “different problems of matching people in different scenarios,” Acevedo said. And with all of that in mind, Acevedo finally landed on a foot-shaped design, massaging insoles, 100% natural cotton canvas materials, and ultra-lightweight EVA insoles, among other qualities, which collectively offer a barefoot experience for the wearer.

“The colorfully patterned canvas upper tells different traveler stories. From the inside out, it gives people a chance to express their own style with artistic designs, while enjoying the comfort and freedom that bionic design brings. It indeed brings a comfortable and blissful journey for body and soul,” Acevedo told FN. “It’s a pair of shoes that makes you want to go on a trip.”

Its shoe philosophy is centered on three fundamental ideas: To move from a functional design to a natural design; a shift from purely functional value to emotional value (“A pair of shoes that bears emotional expression and resonance brings hope, warmth, calming and encouragement to travelers with interesting, loving, rich and touching patterns, especially during the pandemic,” Acevedo noted); and moving away from the traditional color material finishing (CMF) design for artistic design. “We replaced the traditional CMF design with rich patterns and redefined the design with aesthetic value, emotional meaning and expression of attitude contained in the patterns themselves,” he explained.

For example, Acevedo said it designed the “Toledo shoe” with a 3D map of the beloved Spanish city in the sole design, embedding “a deep and beautiful story” into the shoe itself.

Shoe Market Moods

The brand said that during the pandemic, it has seen its sales increase tenfold. “Under the influence of the epidemic, travel restrictions issued by various countries have brought a wave of growth opportunities to online e-commerce businesses, and simultaneously, people have had more time for self-exploration. deeper, which produced a higher search for the emotional value of products,” explained Acevedo.

“Our brand creates the opportunity for people to wear beauty on their feet and showcase creative and artistic designs, so that every step people take can inspire enthusiasm for life in themselves, their friends and family, bringing warmth and inspiration, which in turn generates a strong emotional resonance with our customers.

The company has sales in more than 100 countries around the world, and in the US market, uin Footwear saw its sales increase fifteenfold between 2019 and 2021. “We have nine series of products that meet the different needs of specific groups. of people, seasons and journeys. scenarios. Our Toledo style, as a super product, attracts users from all over the world, especially US consumers who advocate natural and innovative design.

As for what consumers want now, uin Footwear says the pandemic has only increased shoppers’ desire to travel. “The pandemic has restricted people’s freedom of movement, while their desire to travel has grown stronger. In 2021, uin Footwear launched a campaign, “Travel in My City”, which received a warm and positive response from consumers. During the pandemic, we also launched a “nurse shoes” design to express our respect for medical personnel. This design remains one of our best selling shoes to date.

Acevedo’s concept indeed aligns with the current direction and mood of the market. “The pandemic has further enhanced people’s health awareness and strengthened the relationship between man and nature. More people are going out voluntarily and getting closer to nature,” he said – which means, naturally, an increase in travel.

The pandemic has also motivated people to seek spiritual comfort and encouragement, Acevedo said. “In these circumstances, uin Footwear inspires people with its simple and natural design, and its rich and creative artistic patterns, with our dynamic Smiley Collection; collection of storytelling destinations; collaborative collection of humanistic intellectual property; Collection of animals; and the Blossom collection are all receiving very positive feedback from the market.

The third eye of the shoe

Shoppers looking for shoes that transcend traditional categories can browse uin’s latest line of shoes for spring.

Ask UIN Footwear about their “travel shoe” debut and the brand will forcefully explain the logic behind the launch. “Travel shoes are people’s ‘third pair of shoes’,” uin Footwear told FN. “Everyone needs three pairs of shoes in their life: the first is dress shoes; the second is sneakers; and the third is travel shoes.

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The brand claims that “the blue ocean of travel footwear has yet to be developed”, compared to other shoe segments that have already matured in the market.

Based on feedback from its own customers, the brand said “our travel shoes are the ‘central shoe’ in the crowd. In terms of pairing outfits, shoes are a must-have accessory.

His focus on art takes shape in the creation of travel shoes painted with imaginative designs “as a way to express fashion styles and personal emotions, making people the focal point of their travels. That’s why we call them “center-shoes,” the brand told FN.

To keep pace with a chameleon market, uin Footwear said it plans to “vigorously promote artist cooperation and cross-border co-branding to continuously improve brand value.” Part of its strategy is a partnership with the National Gallery, which was launched this month, and an ongoing effort to seek additional collaborations with artists around the world. Buyers can check the latest arrivals of uin Footwear on its official website.

The brand aims to provide better service to its customers worldwide and establish a wider distribution network in the footwear industry to strengthen its global and local delivery capabilities, with particular emphasis on the American market. .

“We hope to establish cooperative relationships with professional marketing companies to optimize brand expression and increase brand communication with American consumers,” the brand explained. “By creating and sharing great travel stories, uin Footwear delivers enjoyable experiences for travelers around the world and aspires to become a world-class travel brand that inspires passion and warmth into people’s lives.”

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