Russian Travel Film ‘Compartment No. 6’ Takes Unexpected Turns

Russian Travel Film 'Compartment No. 6' Takes Unexpected Turns

“Compartment No. 6” is both the name of director Juho Kuosmanen’s latest film and the setting for much of it – a narrow carriage on a crumbling Russian train rumbling north through the ice and the snow.

This is where Laura (Seidi Haarla), a Finn studying in Moscow, spends much of the trip, stuck with the nastiest traveling companion imaginable.

It would be Ljoha (Yuriy Borisov), a worldly Russian with whom she had nothing in common who drunkenly groped her on the first night of the trip.

As unlikely as it sounds, it turns into a surprisingly touching story of affection and something like love, as what could be a predictable story evolves into something more, something different.

The film is the story of a journey, literal and figurative

But the film does not start on the train. It is the story of a journey, after all, literal and figurative. Laura has to get there first.