Sea Of Thieves Adds First Limited-Time Adventure, Shrouded Islands

Sea Of Thieves Adds First Limited-Time Adventure, Shrouded Islands

It’s a big day for Rare’s swashbuckling adventure game Sea of ​​Thieves as it welcomes its first new Adventure expansion, “Shrouded Islands.” So-called Adventures are limited-time, story-driven events that are separate from the game’s ongoing seasonal updates.

The first adventure, Shrouded Islands, invites players to venture into the “Ethereal Mist” to uncover secrets, participate in battles, and earn new rewards. A new adventure will come to Sea of ​​Thieves about once a month, and these will last about two weeks. Shrouded Islands is available until March 3.

“As Shrouded Islands opens up, a new threat encroaching on the Golden Sands outpost, the sudden disappearance of Captain Flameheart from the skies, and reported sightings of the mysterious Belle have caused a hubbub on the Sea of ​​Thieves – with Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats, keeping a watchful eye on these strange occurrences,” reads one line of her description. “Whenever you’re looking to venture out on an adventure, Larinna should have a lead to get you started. and will even wave to you if you approach the tavern.”

The update that adds Shrouded Island is free and available to all Sea of ​​Thieves players, whether they own the game or have it through Game Pass on console and PC. Patch notes and file sizes by platform can be viewed below.

Years after its launch, Sea of ​​Thieves is still making big numbers for Microsoft. According to the company’s latest count, it has 25 million players. Sea of ​​Thieves is one of GameSpot’s best Xbox One games of all time, and you can see the rest in our roundup of the 25 best Xbox One games.

File size of Sea Of Thieves Shrouded Island

  • Xbox Series X: 9.2 GB
  • Xbox Series S: 6.36 GB
  • Xbox One X: 9.2 GB
  • Xbox One: 6.36 GB
  • Microsoft Store: 8.95 GB
  • Steam: 8.22 GB

Sea Of Thieves Shrouded Island Patch Notes

Gameplay improvements

Improved Shanty Selection

  • When equipping an instrument, hold down the secondary interaction button to directly open the Shanty Radial, allowing players to easily switch between shanties.

Shop filters

  • New filters are now provided when browsing shop stock, allowing players to browse all items, owned items, and unowned items for easier access.

Storm effects

  • While sailing on the high seas in a storm, the strong current forces players to struggle against the wheel to maintain a course. However, when approaching an island or shipwreck, crews will now find that the current is less powerful and no longer spins the wheel erratically.

Emoticon Radial Improvements

  • In a Vanity Chest, players now have access to 10 pages where emotes can be equipped.
  • Showing the Emote Radial and swiping through pages will now only show pages equipped with emotes.

Sunken Kingdom Treasure Balancing

  • When raiding the chest of a Mermaid Treasure, crews will now find two piles of gold with consistent gold rewards.

Outpost Cosmetics

Stygian Admiral’s Set

  • Outpost clothing stores now offer the Stygian Admiral clothing set, available for purchase for gold.


Ship wheel audio support

  • Players can now access additional audio support when using the ship’s helm. In the game’s audio settings, use “Enable additional wheel spin sounds” to play a distinctive sound with every quarter turn of the wheel. The volume of this effect can be changed using the provided volume slider.

Fixed issues


  • When aiming with a ranged weapon, being hit by another player’s sword attack or an eel’s dash attack should no longer break the player’s aim.
  • Resetting the input settings to default will now also reset the input for Swim Up.
  • The Full Billow achievement can now be unlocked by fulfilling the required criteria.
  • Defeating Skeletons or Ghosts under the effects of a Cursed Cannonball will now advance the Cursed Ironbender Commendation.
  • Skeleton Ships and Skeletons using Island Cannons should now fire at targets more consistently without long pauses between shots.
  • While sitting in a rowboat, interaction prompts for seats and nearby objects are no longer displayed as they cannot be interacted with until the player is standing.
  • Mouse users on PC can now enable the “Recenter Mouse in Menus” setting to ensure that the mouse cursor returns to the center of the screen when opening full-screen menus.

pirate store

  • Performing the stargazing emote while wearing the Lodestar costume now ensures that the emote’s camera zooms into the correct spot on the pirate.


  • Players should no longer find areas in the Pirate Legend Hideout where they can trigger a safe teleport.

Visual and Audio

  • An audible sound of wood splinters can again be heard when ships take damage from a range of external sources.
  • Players should no longer experience a multicolored checkerboard effect on ship materials when loading into a session.
  • Firing while moving forward, then sprinting and stopping abruptly should no longer cause the weapon reload animation to skip.
  • The Dark Adventurer’s beard no longer clips into the player’s mouth when using a range of emotes.
  • During an Ashen Lord encounter, when an Ashen Lord rushes at a player, it now animates correctly while jumping.
  • When encountering Ashen Lord, geysers resulting from a World’s End attack will now fade into sand.
  • Visual effects when firing cannons are now triggered immediately, removing a perceived delay in launching cannonballs.
  • Loading screens on PC will now display correctly sized images when using 4K screen resolution.
  • Capuchin and Barbary Apes wearing Cronch outfits now properly fit into cannon barrels when loaded.
  • Players standing on the Sloop Bed will no longer generate muffled sounds for others nearby.
  • Standing behind the smuggler on the Ferry of the Damned should no longer cause the player to snap his head.
  • When wearing the Bell Brigade Gloves, the player’s hands should no longer snag on held objects.
  • “Dark Brothers” – Water effects in the channel section now flow smoothly through the tunnel.
  • When playing in windowed mode and resizing the screen during gameplay, using an Eye of Reach or spyglass zoom will no longer cause the screen to be off center.

Text and localization

  • Steam players using the Turkish language settings in the Steam game properties will now find sea ​​of ​​thieves spear in Turkish.
  • The Nighttime Spectacular achievement now correctly indicates the requirement to unlock a display of five or more fireworks at night.


  • When “Let games read to me” is enabled, the narration now clearly notifies players when the game is loading.
  • Enabling “circular navigation” now allows players to equip emotes from vanity chests when using a controller.

Performance and stability

  • Improved reporting has been added, helping to identify scenarios where server performance may be causing reduced hit detection accuracy.
  • After being disconnected during a failed server migration, players should now be able to rejoin their session when prompted and return to their ship.
  • PC players can now set a resolution scale lower than 75% and maintain this setting from session to session.
  • Improved server migration success rate, reducing the frequency of Hazelnutbeard experiencing when migrating between servers.
  • Server stability has been improved, reducing scenarios where crews are removed from a game session.

Known issues

Incorrectly positioned levers, pulleys and traps

  • When progressing through Tall Tales or Siren Shrines, players approaching mechanics previously used by other players may initially perceive them in the wrong place or position until they are used. For example, a moving footbridge controlled by a lever may be depicted in a vertical position when it is in fact lowered, causing the players to fall unexpectedly.

Ranged and melee hit detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves shooting or landing without damaging their targets. While small improvements continue to be made through our regular updates, we continue to investigate and identify further improvements to the combat experience for players.

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