Sea Of Thieves Shrouded Islands Adventure Guide: Bewitched Skull, Braziers, And More

Sea Of Thieves Shrouded Islands Adventure Guide: Bewitched Skull, Braziers, And More

Sea of ​​Thieves Adventures is here. In this limited-time story-based mode, you can join your crew and embark on new story quests in Rare’s pirate sandbox, uncover new details in the ongoing resurrection of Captain Flameheart while by getting some exclusive rewards for yourself. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the full storyline of the first “Adventure” (which is a bit confusing in Adventure mode even though it’s not the same thing). Here’s how to complete Shrouded Islands in Sea of ​​Thieves.

Shrouded Islands Walkthrough

The full Shrouded Isles adventure will take you around 90 minutes, regardless of squad size, as enemy encounters scale with your crew size. While this first adventure is indicative of what we can expect from this new limited-time mode, it looks like adventures may act as shorter tales meant to engage players in a short time frame rather than existing in the game permanently.

1. Talk to Larinna

Your journey to uncover the truth behind why ghosts are increasingly appearing all over Sea of ​​Thieves begins at any outpost. Talk to Larinna outside the tavern and choose the option to begin your adventure. She will direct you to the Golden Sands Outpost.

2. Collect the Mysterious Compass at Golden Sands Outpost

Head to Golden Sands, which is now shrouded in a spooky green mist and made scarier with the game’s dynamic music. Go to the ravaged tavern and pick up the mysterious compass on the table near the entrance. It will be added to your radial menu for the rest of the adventure, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

The mysterious compass will lead you to the answers you seek.

3. Follow the compass to find Belle

The compass will point you to Belle at all times, and while she has a few spawn points, it’s best to go find her just an island away at Crescent Island. Dock carefully, as it’s also shrouded in the thick green fog signature of the Rise of the Damned, and keep following your special compass until it brings you face-to-face with Belle. In the dialog options, choose to continue the adventure and it will direct you to Shipwreck Bay.

More importantly, take the Flame of Souls from Belle’s brazier, transferring it to your personal lantern. Don’t leave without doing this. Additionally, you should swap your ship’s lanterns with the Flame of Souls. If you die, you will lose the special flame color, but you can get it back from your ship’s lanterns.

4. Light eight braziers in Shipwreck Bay

Once again you will mark a few nautical miles en route to Shipwreck Bay. Like the others, it’s also shrouded in an intimidating fog, so be very careful here – they don’t call it Shipwreck Bay for nothing. When you land on the shore, you will see apparitions pointing in different directions. They lead you to eight braziers that you must light using the Flame of Souls. These eight braziers are all on the outer perimeter of the island, so knowing that and using the ghosts’ hints makes finding the braziers quite simple.

Do not leave Belle without first transferring the Flame of Souls to your lantern.
Do not leave Belle without first transferring the Flame of Souls to your lantern.


Every time you light a brazier, you will be attacked and taunted by ghostly Flameheart followers. Fight and keep going until you’ve lit all eight braziers around the island. When you’re done, head to the wreck of the Blackwytche, the must-see wreck in the heart of the island. Look for the makeshift blaze emerging from a cage hanging near cannons. Light this brazier after lighting the other eight (you can’t do this sooner anyway, so you’ll know when it’s time).

This will start a boss battle against the Soul Flame Captain. It’s a rather tanky boss, but it’s better to use firebombs and gunshots. Don’t let him get close, as his melee attack is quite devastating. It will bring more ghosts with it and you should use the same method to deal with them. Firebombs make quick work of this, but watch out for their teleport attack. Keep moving forward and you’ll be fine.

5. Follow the Buried Relics map, then return the loot to Belle

Eventually, you’ll have defeated Captain Soulflame and his henchmen and in his place will drop the Buried Relics Map, an X-marks-the-spot quest that takes you to a nearby island in the wilds. For me, it sent me to Marauder’s Arch, but it can be randomly generated, so be careful where your map tells you to go.

Head to the necessary island, then dig up the special loot: the evil skull. Take good care of it and return it to Belle in Crescent Isle. If you found special loot during your fight with ghosts, like Rune tablets, you can also sell them to Belle. Transform it into her and select the dialog option End Adventure. That’s it! You will have completed the first limited-time adventure and earned a new title – “Seeker of Shrouded Souls” – as well as the Shrouded Compass cosmetic.

Your exclusive rewards can help you stand out among the game’s more than 25 million players, including five million on Steam.

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