Sikkim for adventure travelers

Sikkim for Adventure travelers

When a state is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, a myriad of adventure activities, and a handful of forest reserves, it attracts travelers of all kinds who flock there.

Sikkim holds the epithet of being the smallest state forming part of the North Eastern region of India. Meaning “The Land of the Gods”, this beautiful place with its picturesque landscape will leave you spellbound.

The pristine charm and beauty that Sikkim has to offer attracts its tourists from the moment they book their reservations until the moment they depart.

Sikkim offers everything for those looking for the thrill – from paragliding and rafting to trekking and visiting wildlife sanctuaries. It is one of the famous destinations for all kinds of adventure activities which can offer you high contact with an adrenaline explorer.

So, let me take you on an adventurous journey to satisfy your quest for thrills and excitement while discovering this majestic city. Be sure to book your Sikkim tour packages with reputable sites like well in advance to ensure your adventures are hassle-free.

White water rafting

Start your rafting adventure from Melli, Sikkim to enjoy all the ravines and rapids the wild Teesta and Rangit rivers have to offer.

You can choose between two 3 km routes. and 7 km routes while admiring the scenery and challenging yourself under the guidance of expert instructors with all safety measures.

There would be communities scattered across the natural landscape on either side of the Rangit River, presenting you with wide appeal while rafting its turbulent waters. Throughout the trip, you will see terraced cultivations and small villages populated by natives.

While rafting on the Rangit, one can also enjoy other amenities. Overnight camping, for example, on the white sandy beaches along the banks of the river.

The massive sun-kissed rapids of the Rangit River inspire rafters around the world to take on its challenges. The Rangit rafting trip will not disappoint if you are looking for chilling wet action.

The months of March to May are ideal for rafting.

mountain climbing

Sikkim is basically a hilly state in India between the eastern Himalayas and the Indian plains. The main source of oxygen comes mainly from the Western and Eastern Himalayas and Renjo-La pass and Gangtok which is the capital of Sikkim.

Glorious mountain peaks, high Himalayan ranges, pristine forests and secluded hills are some of the major attractions for travelers. Sikkim attracts many travelers with its scenic spots and tranquil spots.

Increasingly popular as an exciting tourist activity, mountaineering has recently been introduced to Sikkim to boost adventure tourism. This initiative has opened up a myriad of experiences for travelers around the world, from hiking and nature trails to camping.

Nestled among 58 alpine mountain ranges, 84 major glaciers and 7 serenading lakes coupled with pristine landscapes and valleys, it is the favorite destination for those who wish to explore them all.

However, only a few peaks are accessible to climbers, both amateur and seasoned, and permits must be applied for which local tour operators can arrange.

* Mount Burmkhangse

* Mount Thinchenkhan

* Frey’s peak

* Mount Jupono

The months of April to June and September to November are ideal for mountaineering and hiking.

Hikes and trails

Sikkim as a trekking destination has gained popularity around the world in recent times. Sikkim is one of the favorite places for tourists to visit and travel. The state offers some of the finest trekking experiences in the Himalayas.

Its sprawling and unexplored mountains are a hiker’s delight and its incredible array of flora and fauna is a paradise for all nature lovers. High altitude ranges like West Hills, East Khangchendzonga, Rangit Valley, Singalila Ridge have opened new paths for trekkers to explore.

There are many treks that traverse the remote parts of Sikkim and provide a thrilling adventure. The state is home to many endangered species like the red panda and musk deer, as well as more than half of the world’s glaciers outside the polar zone.

Some of the popular treks are listed below:

* Sandakphu trek

* Goecha La Trek

* Kanchenjunga Base Camp

* Sikkim Dzongri Hike

* Tholung

Bike trips

The rugged terrain of Sikkim invites and tempts all bikers and cyclists to come and experience this mystical and incredible city, be it the colorful monasteries of ancient villages, on their wicked machines, while making it one of the favorite travel destinations of bikers.

The best part about covering your trip on wheels is that there is no hassle of following a set schedule, and one can relax and enjoy the journey at their own pace while stopping at places of their choosing and experiencing like the locals and soak up the cultural vibe of this natural wonder.

One can choose to undertake his journey in the spring or in the fall from April to May and from mid-September to October.

You also have the chance to experience Sikkim, not as a tourist but as a native, and create unforgettable memories.


Nothing compares to the rush of climbing a bare mountain rock while pushing your limits. Climbers who want to reach new heights will find plenty of options in Sikkim.

Free climbing, where protective gear is used to save you in the event of a fall, and assisted climbing, where the ground is level and you climb using pre-attached gears, are the two main climbing styles. ‘escalation.


Imagine yourself flying high among the clouds in the sky like a free bird with a serene and beautiful aerial view of dense green forests, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes while feeling the cool breeze on your face .

Welcome to the world of paragliding in Sikkim. The state is home to some of India’s sweetest air with over 60 paragliding and hang gliding sites for beginners and advanced pilots, with Simalgang and Maneybhanjang being popular sites close to Gangtok.

The ideal time to discover this adventure sport is from March to June and from September to November.