Sophomores Head to Ohio for Missionary Trip | Community

Sophomores Head to Ohio for Missionary Trip |  Community

Serving different communities can be an eye-opening experience, especially when those communities are so different from yours. It can offer new perspectives and entertaining stories to share years later.

In late February, the MCS sophomore class traveled to Miamisburg, Ohio (along with a few seniors) to serve surrounding communities on a mission trip. From Monday to Friday, they stayed at Camp Chautauqua, which quickly became the site of countless tales of chaos and laughter. All the students bonded working side by side, and by the end of the week many new friendships were formed.

One of the first stops was Hannah’s Treasure Chest, an organization serving struggling and homeless families. A group of 10 helped around the building. Their duties included organizing various products stacked on the shelves in the main area, cleaning toys to give to children, sweeping and vacuuming the floors. During this time, a handful of students had the opportunity to speak to Gospel employees, some of whom had never heard of before. Although they didn’t have all day to help with the organization, they surely left an impact; however, the impact and the memories did not end there.

A memorable visit to Carlise Manor, a retirement home, lifted everyone’s spirits. A group of six people heard the residents’ impactful and entertaining stories and some of them had fun painting their nails. Around noon, everyone gathered in a circle to play volleyball. Even after the small crowd left, residents were still buzzing with excitement and talking about how refreshing it was to have these young faces come see them. Likewise, the students who spoke to the residents never stopped saying how kind, funny, and memorable the residents were.

Perhaps the most eventful day was the day they went to the local soup kitchen. Different MCS groups have helped in all sorts of ways. Some served food in the kitchen, cleaned dishes, organized items in the main area and some were able to go to the computer room downstairs to talk with the kids who came in. That night, new life was breathed into the building. . The walls themselves were brimming with energy. Employees were eager to have everyone around them. The kids in the computer room all had fiery personalities and bushels of endless energy. At the start, everyone eagerly told their anecdotes.

Throughout the trip, everyone opened their eyes. Students and staff noted that the areas they visited in Ohio were dramatically different from little old Maryville. During those five days, everyone realized that they were incredibly blessed to live the way they did. It was a different, but enjoyable occasion.

On Friday, they left Camp Chautauqua for the Ark Encounter museum in Kentucky and arrived around 7 p.m. A surreal encounter considering that apart from the employees, they were the only ones in the gargantuan boat. There were incredibly realistic carvings, fascinating exhibits, and beautiful depictions of biblical events. That night, visitors were able to sleep in the arch and walk around the museum the next day when it opened. After cramming into the gift shop, a group of college students ran to the playground to ride horses and make it clear that no high schooler ever truly grows up.

The whole week has been full of life, fun and wonderful service. There were so many new experiences to learn and so many moments that will stick in the minds of the students for a long, long time. This missionary journey will always accompany them wherever they go.

Emma Pleasant is the correspondent for Maryville Christian School.