Sunny detective adventure Paradise Killer is coming to Xbox and PlayStation •

Sunny detective adventure Paradise Killer is coming to Xbox and PlayStation •

In 2020, developer Kaizen Game Works launched its dizzying concept open-world detective adventure Paradise Killer on Switch and PC, while PlayStation and Xbox owners were left ogling its dizzying mix of investigative action. sunny and eldritch nightmare from the sidelines. All of that is about to change, however, with an expanded version of Paradise Killer finally heading to Xbox and PlayStation on March 16.

In its original form, Paradise Killer was wonderfully idiosyncratic, a jaw-dropping blend of visual novel and open-world exploratory murder mystery set on the gaudy, sunny 24-hour paradise – part tropical island retreat, part a shrine to a pantheon of absurd cosmic gods – where players, as Lady Love Die, must search for clues and cross-examine suspects to discover exactly who horribly slaughtered the island’s ruling council.

It’s both a joyous and upbeat jaunt – thanks in large part to its lively and engaging cast of characters (ranging from a fighter turned reluctant idol after a grateful god blesses her with the head of a goat to a blood-red skeleton eternally captured between life and death following a confession of true love) – and genuinely unsettling as its slow ebb of cosmic and human horror builds insidiously beneath the surface.

Paradise Killer – Xbox and PlayStation announcement trailer.

“Paradise Killer is, like its island setting, so many things awkwardly bumping into each other,” is what I said in my recommended review. “It’s a visual novel, a first-person exploration adventure, a kleptomaniac platformer, a murder mystery, and a refreshing twist on cosmic horror. And like Paradise 24, once you get the hang of it with its idiosyncrasies, it blends into a beautifully distinct It’s an elegant vision, wonderfully assured, and a deeply engrossing detective thread, as wacky as it is disturbing, even in the glare of its tropical sunshine.

All that to say, it’s fabulous – and, oddly enough, it could be a bit more so in its upcoming Xbox and PlayStation appearances. According to Kaizen Game Works, its new console releases will feature a range of never-before-seen content, including new music, “mysterious new beings,” as well as new quests, rewards, and collectibles. And if you already own the game on To smoke and Changeyou will also get the new stuff in a free update.

This new version of Paradise Killer will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, with current-gen consoles supporting “4K60, ray tracing, super-fast loading, drop Xbox Smart, haptics and a “day/night” lightbar cycle for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, and much more”. Kaizen notes that it also brings “performance improvements” to the existing PC version (which will be available on the Epic Games Store for the first time), as well as achievements for Steam.

And if that’s still not enough, the developer is also dropping a new compilation album on March 16, building on Paradise Killer’s. already stunning original soundtrack featuring new songs from original composer Barry “Epoch” Topping, plus new vocal arrangements, remixes and bonus tracks.