The City Council of Ocean OKs Adventure Fest with Gun Show | News

The City Council of Ocean OKs Adventure Fest with Gun Show |  News

Police, K9s, music and guns officially arrive at the Ocean City Convention Center the third weekend in September to help deter the disruptive modified car pop-up rally that typically wreaks havoc in the city. station.

Known as Adventure Fest, the week-long event scheduled for September 19-25 received the official green light from members of the city council on Tuesday. They voted five to one – Councilor Peter Buas opposed – to approve the event after ironing out some last-minute details.

City legal counsel Heather Stansbury said the main sticking point was the inclusion of the sale, transfer and trade in holstered firearms, including long guns, which does not is not permitted in existing municipal ordinances.

But after getting assurances that any gun deal would follow all state and federal laws, the majority of the board agreed to include the provision and approve the event.

“I am flexible if we need to change certain situations and we have safety parameters in place in order to help solve one of our most problematic problems in town,” Councilor John Gehrig said during the discussion in reference to the car rally that the event is scheduled to offset.

Councilman Mark Paddack also fought for gun deals to take place as part of the event.

“It’s an American right listed in the Second Amendment Bill of Rights,” he said of the right to own and bear firearms.

He added that he had attended “dozens” of gun shows in his life and no incidents had occurred because law-abiding gun owners are not usually at the center of illegal armed violence.

Police Chief Ross Buzzuro told the council that he and other members of the department oppose the gun deal element of the show, but would work with the organizers of the show. the event to ensure that no problems occur.

“From a law enforcement perspective, we have concerns,” he said.

Buas said Wednesday he was also concerned about the event, but did not specify why he chose to vote against its endorsement.

Event organizer Cliff Sutherland pointed out that the gun show element of Adventure Fest is the cash cow and necessary to make the rest happen, although it’s not yet. only from one aspect.

Shows, competitions and scheduled workouts are expected to occupy the convention center’s three halls and part of the parking lot throughout the week.

The agenda includes a police and secret service K9 competition and gun display in the main halls, as well as a dog show and two musical performers in the performing arts center. Outside, motorcycle police training and a rodeo featuring cops competing in races to test their skills will take place in a marked off section of the parking lot.

The use of the parking lot was also part of the event discussions, as the parking lot is typically used to set up tow trucks and other vehicles and services to reduce tuner car racers over the weekend. Tom Perlozzo, the city’s director of tourism and business development, said the owners of the Jolly Roger amusement park have offered space in their 30th Street lot to help out if the convention center lot is occupied. However, Perlozzo said he didn’t know if that was a feasible option.

City staff members also combed through four separate convention center contracts for the event, and Sutherland worked with local law enforcement officers on other details, including service. catering for allied agencies within the convention center. City Tourism and Convention Center staff members will also approve all acts of entertainment.

The event was originally scheduled to run parallel to a September 23-25 ​​Lollapalooza-style concert, called Oceans Calling, which C3 Presents was planning downtown. But after changing times to accommodate Oceans Calling – which included moving Sunfest to the end of October – board members approved a request last week to move the gig to the last weekend in September. City staff members said the change came at the request of the promoter and left only Adventure Fest to deter the motoring crowd.

Tuesday’s vote allows Stansbury to draft a contractual agreement for the event which will include things like insurance requirements and supplier details.

“The heart of this event is to bring up to 1,000 police officers to town,” Perlozzo said. “Having a presence in town, saturating the city with a presence.”

This story appears in the March 4, 2022 print version of OC Today.