Travel: Indoor Water Parks Are Great Late Winter, Early Spring Destinations | Lifestyles – Travel

Travel: Indoor Water Parks Are Great Late Winter, Early Spring Destinations |  Lifestyles - Travel

Ugh. Is it just me or is this the longest winter ever? I know I’ve said this before and probably said something close to it most years, but the cold, snowy weather is just making me feel bad right now. Traveling in winter seems almost a necessity. After so much time indoors, I still feel anxious and dream of hitting the road.

Winter and early spring trips usually include more time indoors, unless it’s unusually hot or you’re going somewhere you don’t have to pack a coat. But, most of my travels involve time in the Midwest and so travel at this time of year always involves regrouping. One way to spice up these family trips was to spend time at an indoor water park.

Over the years we’ve visited at least half a dozen indoor water parks on winter trips (some we’ve visited multiple times) and it was a great way to keep the kids entertained and feel like to be outdoors at a beach. On summer trips, we always tried to work in a water park, so it made sense to start doing that when planning winter trips. It really lifts my spirits to wade in a pool or float in a lazy river when there’s snow falling outside.

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I’ve loved staying at resorts where we had rooms right at the end of the hall or in the elevator that didn’t require going outside. Some have separate cabins or lodges from the indoor water parks, but it’s so nice when it’s 30 degrees outside to just wrap yourself in a towel and head back to your room rather than having to change every time you go back and forth.

An indoor water park that we enjoyed when the kids were little was in Shipshewana. This hostel has since been updated and streamlined with a typical indoor pool now, but we had made several trips there in the winter where we spent hours making our way through the lazy river. So many great memories there and it was something we always looked forward to.

Timber Ridge Lodge in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin was another place we had fun. It’s great for small kids with a water play area, older kids and teens with 35-foot-high slides, and parents like me who just float around in a tube for hours.

Great Wolf Lodge in Gurnee was another favourite. We have been going there for several years before it became Great Wolf Lodge. It used to be called Key Lime Cove and the theme was very different. It had more of an island feel with brightly colored decor and reggae music. Since it was only about an hour from our southern suburban home, it was easy to get there on a whim for a night or squeeze in a busy schedule.

In 2018 it became part of the Great Wolf Lodge group of resorts which includes locations across the country and Canada. It now has a Northwoods theme and lots of other fun activities and really good food at their restaurants.

Grand Bear Resort at Starved Rock was another place we really enjoyed. Besides the wave pool, lazy river and waterslides, it’s in an area of ​​great natural beauty – and even though it’s cold outside, it’s well worth exploring.