Versatile travel jackets and more to make every inch of suitcase space count

Condé Nast Traveler

During family trips to Taiwan growing up, I loved browsing the stores for kitsch items that would impress my friends back home. One of the most spectacular was a rain jacket that, like a magic trick, turned into a full-size backpack. I found that what I really loved about these articles was that one thing could so easily convert into two, each with completely different goals – basically, increasing my readiness while reducing my load.

Since then, as I’ve become an over-prepared traveler who likes to maximize every ounce of my luggage, I’ve been on the hunt for items that can tick off two (or more!) functions while I travel. From the most common pants that turn into shorts, to more surprising finds like an infinity scarf with a hidden travel pillow inside, here are 11 types of multipurpose products that will make your packing list more useful. .

Gourd and cup

Reusable water bottles are an essential step in helping eliminate single-use plastics, and while most of us have a few in our closets, there are times when we still tend to rely on them. disposable cups. Part drinking cup game and part Russian nesting dolls, the Hitch bottle and cup rids travelers of this problem by placing a removable 12-ounce cup (and lid) inside a hidden layer of an 18-ounce bottle. The stainless steel craft is vacuum insulated, ensuring liquids stay cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to eight. And to double its sustainability goal, the company is offsetting 110% of its carbon footprint.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to serve drinks for two, Miir’s new Tomo– named after the Japanese word for friend – can hold 33 ounces of liquid and retain its temperature. Its two unscrewable eight-ounce cups are perfect for sharing a cup of coffee or a picnic.

Miir Tomo Stainless Steel Mug

Scarf and neck pillow

At first glance, this Uncommon Goods Infinity Scarf is rather modest. Whether in its black or gray hues, the cotton accessory is a simple way to bring warmth to your travels, especially during cooler air travel. But its secret power is hidden in a zippered pocket, which opens to expose the opening for a built-in inflatable travel pillow tucked directly into the seams. Germaphobic friends, don’t worry, the pillow can be removed so you can throw the scarf in the washing machine after a trip. Plus, there’s even room in the zippered pocket to store a few essentials, like headphones or lip balm.

Convertible travel pillow and infinity scarf

Pants and shorts

Outdoor adventurers need to be ready for any weather, and these pants make quick changes easy – just zip the pant legs up and you’re wearing shorts. Patagonia’s Quandry Convertible Pants for Men transform into 10 inch shorts, while the womenthe style of turns into capris and zips into eight inch shorts. Truly built to battle the elements, the lightweight hiking pants have UPF 50+ sun protection, plus a water-repellent finish to repel moisture; both come in beige or gray.

Columbia’s take on the multi-use product comes in a wider range of shades, with its women’s Saturday Trail II convertible pants available in four trail-friendly neutral shades and its men’s Newton Ridge convertible pant available in glossy walnut and neutral grey. Outdoor Research has its own best-selling version called the Ferrosi Convertible Pant for women and Men.

Men’s Patagonia Quandary Convertible Pants

Men’s Ferrosi Outdoor Research Convertible Pants

jacket and bags

No matter what kind of personality your bag has, there’s a jacket that transforms into that shape. For types of tote bags, Royal Robbins Women’s Switchform Lite Parka transitions from a cinched-waist trench jacket, finished with a water-repellent coating and a dropped hem in the back for full coverage, to an equally chic cross-body tote. If a backpack is more your speed, the Royal Robbins Men’s Switchform Waterproof Parka converts into a full backpack, while Women’s Piper rain jacket Lolë turns into a mini backpack. And for those who prefer to put on a fanny pack, Eddie Bauer’s WindPac Jacket rolls up into a fanny pack with its own zippered pocket to store more items.

Royal Robbins Switchform men’s parka

Royal Robbins Women’s Switchform Lite Parka

Eddie Bauer WindPac Jacket

pillow and blanket

The travel pillow-blanket combination might be one of the most standard multifunctional products, but these two stand out from the crowd: Pillow and duvet Ikea Fältmal is made with the Swedish company’s flair for design: the recycled polyester blanket has both a button closure and sleeves. No matter how much you toss and turn in this cramped airplane seat, it will always stay in place, which also means you no longer have to search for lost blankets on the cabin floor. At 75″ by 47″, it packs a ton of comfortable surface into 23 ounces.