Women’s Final Four Travel/Ticket Deals: Last Minute Deals to Minneapolis for UConn-South Carolina, Stanford-Louisville

Women's Final Four Travel/Ticket Deals: Last Minute Deals to Minneapolis for UConn-South Carolina, Stanford-Louisville

So, your team qualified for the Women’s Final Four? Congratulation!

Now how do you get there?

Here, we’ll try to find some of the best last-minute hotel deals in Minneapolis this weekend, as well as a few things to do while the games aren’t in the area.

Where to stay at the last minute cheap

There are for sure deals to travel to the Twin Cities this weekend so it should be cloudy with high temperatures of around 50 degrees. It’s not exactly spring break time, but if you’re just into basketball, it’s a great place. And all the offers below are from Friday April 1st to Monday April 4th.

There’s a 4-star hotel near the Mall of America (about 20 minutes south of the Target Center) for just $81 a night available on Priceline. It’s one of their express deals, so you won’t know what property it is until you book, but if it’s a 4 star, how bad can that be?

Another Priceline bargain is the Millennium Minneapolis, which is only $110 per night and less than a mile walk from the Target Center. These two seem like winners.

What if, like your faithful author, you want some Marriott Bonvoy or World of Hyatt points? There are also some great options, including this Moxy Minneapolis Uptown that’s only $129 a night. It’s 2.3 miles from the arena and will get you three Bonvoy nights plus those rewards points that are the go-to for hacky sportswriters across America.

World of Hyatt also has a few options, but they cost $223 a night or closer to the arena, or can be found by the I-494 perimeter that surrounds the area. It’s probably a Marriott hotel.

How to get there at the last minute cheap

It’s still a great place to burn frequent flyer miles if you have any. As an example, a round-trip flight for a Stanford fan from San Francisco to Minneapolis would cost around $518 minimum. But getting some Delta Skymiles value at 47,000 used would be nice, if not better if you can leave on March 30 for just 38,000 miles. You always want to get at least a penny per mile used with most flight programs, and that would fit that bill.

For South Carolina, UConn, and Stanford fans, flights cost around $500 or more for a last-minute trip here. Not great considering the timing, but good luck finding a way for Louisville fans under $800. These folks might consider flying into the airport in Cincinnati (which is actually in northern Kentucky) and finding something on Delta for around $578 round trip.

How to get tickets

If you are a donor, alumni, or student of one of the four playing schools, be sure to check with your school first. Each school receives an allocation and can distribute it as it sees fit. And for this event, you may be able to slip in at face value and sit down with your fellow fans.

If that’s not an option, tickets to the Women’s Final Four are some of the best value in sports. Admission is around $140 for all three games on StubHub right now, and lower bowl seats are around $400 behind the hoops.

Having attended this event twice before, we suggest you wait as close to the whistleblower as possible. Prices for this event tend to drop the closer it gets, so if you’re okay with the costs above, know that’s about the most you’ll pay to attend. Anything you save from here is a bonus.

Things to do in Minneapolis

We called our friend Douglas Farmer, Notre Dame writer for NBC Sports and Minneapolis resident, for some of the best things to do in town. Here are his suggestions:

Many people will brag about the Juicy Lucy (Matt’s or 5-8 Club), but here’s the dirty little secret: If burgers were better with cheese inside, it would be more common.

The best dives near Target Center: Pub MacKenzie. Tell them I sent you, or if you want to relive a touch of your college days, Cuzzy’s.

Breweries: There are four breweries within a one-mile walk northeast of Minneapolis, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. Bauhaus – 612 – Able – Indeed. If Animales Barbeque Co. cooks at Bauhaus or Able, don’t hesitate.

Bryant Lake Bowl: A longtime favorite in Uptown. You know those videos of drones that have taken off in the last year or so? It started with a BLB video.

Hit the parks and lakes: The Twin Cities finish 1-2 each year in the ranking of the best parks in the country. The lakes are one of them.

Take a walk around the Lac des Iles and/or Bde Maka Ska Parkright next to each other, to enjoy them and see the skyline without having to stray too far from the city.