Women’s Travel Basketball Team Enters Tournament Season

Women's Travel Basketball Team Enters Tournament Season

Lady Seahawks travel basketball team players, ages 9-11 – Lilly Brown, Eleanor Erwin, Arabella Hodgdon, Nerla Bates, Xavi Hall, Addie Barter, Jessica Raburn, Maddie Alley, Savannah Alley, Sammy Colby and Meabh Hennessy – have skills.

Coached by Lisa Hallinan, this newly formed team has won every scrum game played to date: at CLC Y on February 24 and the most recent on Saturday March 5 at the Boothbay Region YMCA against Topsham/Mt. Ararat. The young side head to Bath on Wednesday March 9 for further scrimmage matches.

Hallinan has coached the travel team twice before – when girls Cody, Evie and Dana were on the courts. And this time it’s with her granddaughter Lilly who, Hallinan says, gets all her talent from her grandmother Sherri Brown. and his mother, Cody Orne, who was an outstanding football and basketball player.

“I grew up at the YMCA, I lived there to play ball. But I got into sports with my daughters who all started in the kindergarten program with IJ Pinkham. I lived vicariously through them,” Hallinan said. “I played basketball in 7th and 8th grade, but I worked all through high school. And I regret it. I’m trying to explain to these kids that you can only live once in high school, that you have to say the devil with money (laughs) You have to gamble because you just can’t get it back.

Hallinan noted how well the team played in scrums: “Both teams were very aggressive. I started to worry a little towards the end. We played four 15-minute halves and won each time; that’s two full basketball games. We have enormous potential. Huge. Hopefully we can fight in some of these tournaments and bring home a trophy.

The tournaments begin next weekend, Saturday March 12 and Sunday March 13 (league matches for the two winning teams on Saturday) at Topsham; the weekend of March 19 and 20, the tournament matches will be played in Waterville; and the last matches will take place in Brunswick on the former Air Force base.

Hallinan says between tournaments she works on a few contextual scrums. “Topsham want to compete. If I can get game time, we’ll get game time!

These young Seahawks are linked to the tournament thanks to the generosity of the community. Hallinan posted on her Facebook page, “Who wants to donate to sponsor my Girls Travel Team?

The “first responder” donor names on the back of the team shirts are: Shore Hills Campground, Blake’s Boatyard, Pinkham’s, Hawke Motors, Janson’s, Lori and Bill Bailey, Sherri Brown’s Daycare, Nell Fund, Marine Wiring Electronics, Heads of the Harbor and Excavation Lewis.

“The response was overwhelming! We live in the best community ever. People always send me PMs (private messaging) saying they want to help next time,” Hallinan said. “One day in Hannaford, a woman wanted to donate some money for the team, I told her we were all set, but she insisted, ‘Give them a pizza night then!'”

Coach Hallinan wants to see the program grow, and not just for wins and potential trophies. “I believe if you do well in sports, you will do well in life because it’s a team effort, you learn discipline and how to work with people,” Hallinan said. “It’s about community.”