Zendure Passport III review: Global travel charger charged with USB-C

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Zendure’s latest travel charger has enough USB-C power to charge up to five devices in over 200 countries around the world.

The Passport III is a portable travel adapter that will allow you to use your existing AC devices around the world, but also acts as a charger with five USB ports.

It has a design familiar to previous generations, with black, pink or blue metallic faces. Each colored faceplate matches matching semi-opaque faces that highlight internal electrical components.

So many ports

Plugs into Passport III

Zendure has equipped the third-generation Passport with a total of five USB ports, as it did for the last-generation Passport II Pro. This time around there are four USB-C ports with a single USB-A port, instead of three USB-A and two USB-C.

This reconfiguration is more in tune with the modern technological landscape. Apple ships all of its current products with USB-C cables from iPhone to iPad, Apple Watch to AirPods.

Whether or not you’ve fully transitioned to USB-C, this change helps secure future capabilities instead of requiring an upgrade in a year or two. Plus, that single USB-A port will retain that backwards compatibility for any legacy devices you hang on to.

The high-performance USB-C port

The high-performance USB-C port on the Passport III side

The USB-C port on the side can handle up to 65W of power, enough to properly power most portable Macs, and more than enough power for iPads.

If you’re using a recent Samsung device, this USB-C port also supports a programmable power supply — or PPS. That’s what Samsung uses for the incredible fast-charging capabilities of its new devices, like the S22 Ultra’s whopping 45W.

Additional USB Ports on Passport III

Additional USB Ports on Passport III

At the bottom of Passport III are the remaining USB ports, the three USB-Cs with one USB-A. Each of the bottom USB ports can output 15W of power each.

In total, the device can emit 65W. This means that the side USB-C port alone will be 65W but will drop to 45W if one of the bottom ports is used.

When the side port is used in tandem with the bottom ones, the bottom USB ports will produce 15W of combined power.

Designed for travel

Zendure has been developing travel chargers for years, from portable batteries to earlier versions of the Passport Travel Adapter.

Various grip options on Passport III

Various grip options on Passport III

This third-gen unit uses the same design as its previous iterations, but has improved a few aspects, such as power output and port selection, as noted above.

It works via a series of sliders which can be pressed to extend the grip required, depending on the type of grip you need to use.

There are three sliders, each corresponding to a different grip style. There is a common US/Japan plug, UK plug and European style plug.

When a grip is deployed, Passport III prevents other sliders from moving. In total, Passport III can plug into outlet types A, B, C, E, F, G, I, J, K, L and N.

Use Passport III as an AC adapter

Use Passport III as an AC adapter

On the other side are holes where you can plug in various devices. Shavers, hair dryers, larger chargers, irons and other AC devices can be plugged into Passport III.

Passport III can accept plug types A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N.

Various grip options on the Passport III

Various grip options on Passport III

No one wants to deal with a replacement fuse, whether at home or on the go. You should always have them on hand in case the fuse blows, and they may not be easy to find when you are abroad.

Passport III gets around this problem by using a unique self-resetting fuse. As the temperature inside rises, two pieces of metal separate, killing the energy and allowing the temperature to drop.

Once the temperature is cool enough to operate safely, the metal will snap back into place, restoring power. No physical replacement fuse is required.

Should I buy?

The Zendure Passport III is a great travel companion. It’s — relatively — compact and serves as both a universal AC adapter and a multi-charger.

Its refresh and GaN support increased total power output and doubled over USB-C.

Zendure Passport III

Zendure Passport III

While you can just as easily use Passport III at home, there are much better options available, including from Zendure itself. There are high-performance devices and others that support more USB-C ports.

Your use cases will determine whether or not Passport III is right for you. If you plan to travel outside of your home country, Passport III is at the top of our list of recommended devices.

  • USB charger as well as a worldwide power adapter
  • Concealed sockets work in over 200 countries
  • 65W of power, up from the previous generation
  • Fun and Metallic Coloways
  • Using GaN technology for smaller size than silicon-based charger
  • Self-resetting fuse does not need to be replaced
  • 65W may still be low if charging five devices at once
  • No neutral colors with solid sides
  • Best options suitable for home use

Rating: 4 out of 5

Or buy

Note: Supporting a crowdfunding campaign is not a guarantee that a product will be delivered. Support a project with caution. That said, Zendure has a successful history of fulfilling and fully delivering on the promises of several previous campaigns. AppleInsider also tested the Passport III to verify its capabilities.